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Delay the Progression of Myopia

Myopia typically develops during childhood and gradually becomes worse as children age and their eyes grow. There is no cure for myopia, but its progression can be controlled. We offer a number of myopia control methods to help keep your child seeing as clearly as possible.

Myopia Control Methods Available at the Eye & Vision Care Center

Orthokeratology uses specialized rigid gas permeable lenses. These lenses are worn overnight to help correct refractive errors, including myopia. As your child sleeps, the lenses gently reshape their corneas, temporarily correcting the refractive error. When the lenses are won consistently overnight, your child will likely be able to enjoy clear vision during the day without the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Bifocals are glasses lenses that contain 2 prescriptions. The top of the lens contains a distance prescription to correct myopia, while the bottom portion contains a near vision prescription. Eye strain is thought to be a factor in myopia progression, and bifocals can help slow myopia progression in children.

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